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We Thank Thee Lord, a Harvest Hymn to a Famous Tune

Ruth and I have been writing lots of new songs this summer. Yesterday she said “this tune reminds me of something”. When I pointed out what it reminded me of, we fell down a rabbit hole setting Last of the Summer Wine as a hymn tune. The best we came up with was a harvest hymn we found on the internet but we can’t find an author for it.

As we are staying with friends, this recording is just a borrowed acoustic guitar and an iphone in the garden. Maybe one day I will do a full metal version for you with Metanoia. Or maybe not.

#OFMOnlie2021 Benediction with @FrSimon and @Metanoiauk

In the last year, Ruth and I have been providing music for Holy Nativity’s online services but there has been little in the way of “live” music. For last night’s Benediction at On Fire, we were able to do something together as Metanoia for a couple of songs. The rest are me and Ruth playing together. Check it out and see what you think.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

This is the most wonderfully goth retelling of the resurrection from Saddleback Kids!  Enjoy!