After contemplating this morning’s post where I mentioned worship as a vehicle for enacting change within the life of the worshipper,  I stumbled across an article on ekklesia about churches uniting over global warming.  In many respects this can only be  good thing.  Here we have the church showing signs of unity, something which so rarely happens as people focus on the differences between Christian groups.  The other day I mentioned that Jonny Baker kicked off a discussion about evangelical identity.

Evangelical identity was a non issue, an issue from a bygone era, a defensive posture and something I didn’t relate to even though I appreciate the heritage I haveThis brings into focus how we see our ingroups, the groups we belong to and the outgroups that we do not belong to. 

In the Church, there is much peer pressure placed upon Christians to be part of an ingroup.  The way to bolster the position of the ingroup is to make defamatory remarks about the outgroups.  This has been raging since the early church with words like Heretic and orthodox as the weapons of choice.  Nowadays we use terms like evangelical and liberal.  It is a shame that the body of Christ seems so intent on removing some of it’s limbs.  Unfortunately we have to have a big issue like Global warming to remind us that some of the disagreements over the minutiae are just that.