Sometimes pupils really say something that makes you smile.  I am looking at the Exodus story with Year 7.  One pupil asked me what Moses mother was called.  Not having gone through sunday school as a child, names of biblical characters always baffle me.  I asked her to pass me a copy of the Bible from the back of the room.  Sure enough, off she goes to get it.

One of the more interesting things about being a teacher is that you see how much influence someone has upon their friends at that age.  At this point, the girl sitting next to her jumps out of her seat and dashes up grabbing another copy of the bible.  I am at this point leafing through the Exodus story looking for Moses’ early years.  I turn to pupil A and say, “It doesn’t say, it says she was a Levite woman”.

Pupil B springs forward and proffers her copy of the bible, complete with dust cover and proudly enquires “will it tell you in this one?”