It would seem that the media have so oversold Christmas by trying to get us to start preparing in October that everyone has put it off until now.  It still feels like the celebrations are a million years away and yet in just over a week it will have happened.  Even the people around the corner have waited until this week to put the excessive lights with all the trimmings on their house.  There is something inside me which instinctively cringes every time I see it – but each to their own. 

 We decided that we were going to leave it until today to do anything other than advent.  We have had Mary and Joseph making their way across the living room and the four wise men at the other side of the room (in the east ;-)) waiting for Epiphany.  Today we are putting up the tree.  Time to move from an indignant “but it’s advent” to the serious business of Uber-Christmas.

On a different note, the weather is freezing*.  I should know as I just took the bike for an MOT.  Despite the two pairs of socks, two pairs of trousers, 2 scarves, three t-shirts whilst leather clad head to toe clothing arangements, I still manged to have my fingers and toes amputated on arrival after 30 miles.  As Ruth followed in the car, it proudly declared -2 degrees to her!!

Hop on my Chopper

A cup of tea and then I had better go get the decorations out of the loft!

*having reread this, how typically English of me – lets talk about the weather!!