There is something amazing about Christmas time and it is the hope that is provided for those of us who feel alone, unwashed or unloved.  God did something amazing, he came to earth to let us know how much he cares.  Jesus came to the marginalised and stood with us.  He came to the outcasts and stood with us.  The Archbishop of Canterbury puts it like this in his Christmas message:

So at Christmas, God shows that he is not ashamed to be with us. He has heard our cries of weakness and self-doubt and unhappy longing, he has seen our wanderings and anxieties, and he is not ashamed to be alongside us in this world, walking with us in our pilgrimage. And because he is content to walk with us, we are challenged about whose company we might be ashamed to share. So easily we decide that we would be ashamed to share the company of the sinful, the doubting or the outcast. But God, it seems, is not ashamed to be seen with such people.