Time seems to pass by so fast.  It feels like five minutes ago that I was complaining about the advertisers trying to force Christmas shopping upon us in October.  Here we are a week into January and Christmas is a distant memory.  Work is once again upon us and strangely the nights seem to be getting lighter.  I can really relate to Billy Connolly when he said ‘this is my life’:

Should old acquaintance be for… happy birthday to… jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the…whoosh!!

Christmas has come and gone, the Magi have delivered their gifts and we are now off on a short jaunt through towards Lent and Easter.  I guess the real feeling I have this morning as I sit here is that every moment is important and you’re never getting it back.  We need to wring every ounce of life out of it and grab it with both hands.