Month: April 2008

New Page – Emerging Church in the North of England

As part of my attempt to put together a resource that catalogues showing all things emergent in the North of England, I have created a new page on the changing worship site.  Click on the tab at the top to see what is there.  More importantly, let me know what is going on so that it can be posted up there!

In Pursuit of Ethical Interviews

Now I tend to steer clear of the nonsensical and rather trivial debate between creationists and evolutionsists.  However, it is a long time since something had such a high profile as Ben Stein’s Expelled.  I first heard about the tactics employed to obtain sound bites a few weeks ago.  There is an interesting article at about it here.  It would seem that this film will continue the cause of those who are determined to erode the christian faith… by their actions in the name of Christ.

And now the majority opinion becomes this.

Modern Cultural Groups Within the Emerging Church

This is possibly the most disturbing news I have seen in a long time.  Unfortunatly it does have a direct implication for the Emerging Church.  As we engage with culture within the context of church it creates in groups and out groups.  Is this always a good thing in a society that can react with such violent consequences towards people who are part of an identifiable cultural group?