This is such a good idea what when I first heard about it I thought “duh!  Why didn’t anyone think of that before?”

Worldwide there is a phenomenon springing up called the 24-7 prayer room.  Churches are picking weeks when they can get enough members of the congregation who can look after the church in shifts for a whole week 24-7.  That way the church can remain open for the whole time and people – any people can walk in an engage with God.  We should be praying constantly and this provides an opportunity for people to do just that.

If you are in a more traditional church like me (Some of us can’t get away from those great big stone buildings in the centre of town) you have a ready made 24-7 prayer room anyway.  People expect the established church to be praying don’t they ?!?!

I recommend some decent advertising and maybe some flyers.  Try to encourage people to come and pray in your church.  This is an ideal way to encourage those who see the church as a ‘religion’ to experience it as a spirituality.