I was once asked by someone from the diocese what I thought we should do with Halloween.  Thinking on my feet I said – it is a Christian festival we should be celebrating it.  Obviously I was not meaning that in the standard manner of intimidating your neighbours.  I didn’t really put any more thought into it at the time.  I only had one certainty.  I didn’t think it should be  a ‘rainbow party’.

It would seem that someone else has had the similar thoughts as me.  The Bishop of Bolton has been making noises in this direction and recommended a new book.  It claims to be an “inspiring, ecumenically based book [that] provides everything needed to turn 31 October into a bright, exciting and most importantly Christian event.”

However, one area that Alternative Worship could speak to the culture of the times is through the Eucharist.  We live in a society with many different sub-cultures.  One of which is goth/emo/rock/whatever.  Why not do a midnight mass.  The attraction for them will be the creepiness.  Once they are there you have your mission platform. 

I suggest some propper advertising.  I also recommend using Marylyn Manson’s cover of Personal Jesus, loads of candles and full vestments if you are going to do it.  Think ‘Interview With a Vampire’ not ‘Rainbow Brite’.