I don’t normally make comment on some of the more profound theological doctrines of the church as I tend to think of others as better qualified to do it.  However, in between liturgical books I have been reading A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian D. McLaren and he said something very wonderful about the trinity.

The early church leaders described the Trinity using the term perichoresis (peri-circle resis-dance):  The Trinity was an eternal dance of the Father, Son and Spirit sharing mutual love, honour, happiness, joy and respect… God’s act of creation means that God is inviting more and more beings into the eternal dance of Joy.  Sin means that people are stepping out of the dance… stomping on feet instead of moving with grace, rhythm and reverence.  Then in Jesus, God enters creation to restore the rhythm and beauty again.

If the evangelical Jesus saves by dying, the Pentecostal Jesus by sending his spirit, and the Catholic Jesus by rising from the dead, the Eastern Orthodox Jesus saves simply by being born, by showing up, by coming among us.