OK, the quest for emerging church in the North of England has yielded an emerging church in York called Visions.  They characterise themselves as “A church for people who don’t like church”.

They are loosely based in an ancient church called St Cuthberts that dates back to 687CE.  They are attached to St Michael-le-Belfrey church in York and are part of the Church of England.

Their vision statement is very interesting.  They also seem to be having issue with the terminology.

We are part of a movement rather loosely termed Alternative Worship, but the name doesn’t really say enough – we mean that our reponse to the Divine Presence has to be born from our own experience together, as individuals and as a community, and not simply accepting whatever forms of worship are given to us.

This phrase really made me laugh!

Lots of people are suspicious of organised religions: we’d be perfect for them since we’re developing a model of disorganised religion!