Sorry guys I haven’t been having any original thoughts lately.  I have discovered that everyone seems to be thinking about the bread and wine…

I started a rant on ASBO Jesus about the nature of the Eucharist.  It all came from the fact that I went on an Ignation retreat and found that the Eucharist ended abruptly with the phrase “Lord I am not worthy to receive you.”  Obviously I was not able to partake. 

This seems to have taken on a life of it’s own and become a whole post in its own right.

Since then I have been surfing the blogsphere and came across a post by Jonny Baker where he links to a post from cheryl at hold this space.

Most conversations about new forms of church or christian community are about rethinking the table at which the disciples sit. True confession… this project doesn’t emerge from any interest in that table, or even really in the disciples. i think the really interesting stuff of the gospels is the other stories – the tables Jesus went to where the disciples weren’t invited, or where they were so absent no-one thought to mention their presence – the afternoons at Mary and Martha’s, the nameless person’s house where Jesus met the syro-phonoecian woman, dinner at Levi’s house, dinner with Peter’s mother, the ‘water into wine’ wedding table… i think they’re the fun tables.

Lots of food for thought.  Pick the links out of that one!!

I think one of the more profound things for me is the nature of Jesus attitude to the Eucharist.  He had an open table.  Even Judas was allowed entry!  I think this can be the only policy if we are to truly hold on to the hope of Christian unity.