I thought I’d check out Pete Wilson who recently commented on my blog.  I was amazed at the very first post I looked at.  He was quoting another pastor who said:

I think there are basically two kinds of people. People who are doing things and people who aren’t doing things but they need something to do so they take potshots at people who are doing things.

There. I said it.

Come on, folks. Let’s be about the Father’s business.

In the words of Michelangelo: criticize by creating!

Can I be brutally honest?

The psychological tendency to try to feel better about ourselves by pointing out what’s wrong with someone else is immaturity at its worst. And no where is it more prevalent than the church.

I have been feeling a little apologetic of late.  I seem to be defending those who are not present wherever I happen to be.  Every corner I turn there seems to be someone criticsing something or someone within the church.  You never hear anyone get angrilly onto a soapbox and start shouting how good someone is doing.  Well fair play to this point of view.  More backslapping and less backbiting!

[I feel all preachy, can I get an ‘Amen’ on that? 😆 ]