One of the points I make in my dissertation is that alternative worship finds it difficult to engage with any form of sacramentalism.  This morning Tim sent me an email advertising a session at Durham Cathedral by Tim Sledge entitled ‘Liquid Mass’.

Most fresh expressions of church are non-Eucharistic, and take a free
and informal shape. If the Eucharist is at the heart of Christian
worship, how can we make it live and connect with people of all ages
and churchmanship – particularly young people – helping them engage
more using all the senses? In what ways can we encourage active
engagement rather than passive observation, embracing all the
Eucharist offers?

This practical day will explore different aspects of the Eucharist,
offer some ideas and resources, and show how the Eucharist can be and
is used evangelistically. The morning session will help us engage
with these issues, then, after lunch, we will celebrate the Eucharist
together, using some of the ideas and resources from the morning.
Revd Tim Sledge is co-author of Youth Emmaus. He set up Sanctuary
(alternative worship) in Huddersfield, and Critical Mass – a
Eucharist for young people in Peterborough Diocese. He is also one of
the leaders of the Leading your Church into Growth course.

If you are interested it is on Thursday 18 September 2008 from 10.30am – 3.30pm.  It costs £15 and bookings are from:

Dana Delap, 9 Wanless Terrace, Durham, DH1 1RU. 

Phone: 0191 384 3854.