Sometimes the ‘institutional church’ does something that really amazes me when they decided that technology is a good thing.  Surely they must have been ordaining technogeeks as a matter of course for the past few decades as evidenced by the Church of England Website.  Firstly, the discovery that the lectionary was available for a palm pilot/blackberry/whatever came as quite a shock.  Well today I am sitting here in a state of shock.  I was browsing the CofE’s liturgy online when I came across a like that will allow you to set up a feed for the daily office.  The CofE will literally beam changing daily prayers into your website.

I wonder if I should try setting up a common worship prayer page here at changingworship… how emergingly unemergent would that be??


[For those of you who are thinking “What is a feed?” – I use an RSS feed script that allows me to have a constant update of my flickr account in the top left hand section of this website.]