Well I am back in theological college and the juices are starting to flow again.  It is amazing how much I begin to stagnate whilst on holiday and left to my own devices.  I have had fun during the holidays travelling around the various worshipping communities who have supported me over the years, it feels strange to be slightly disconnected from the church.  Whilst I have loved seeing old friends it feels strangely disconnected to worship with communities in which you are no longer part.  I suppose this is because I have moved on and, dare I say it, ‘matured’ over the years.  In many ways I am no longer the person I was when I was in each of those communities.  This is why I have often said that I could never return to a church I was once part of as an ordained minister.  They have known me as a different person than I am now.  I need these people to be there for me as friends and wise counsel.  And for that I thank God that he has provided me with such wonderful communities to be part of in the past and great relationships that continue to sustain me into the future.

I guess it is time for a useful resource.  Whilst PowerPoint seems to have dominated the market for creating and viewing slideshow presentations, there are some different alternatives.  Many charismatic congregations that use a digital projector for displaying song lyrics during a service often use programmes such as SongPro as it offers flexibility via a multiple monitors function and a catalogue of content.  However, this is not necessarily something of immediate use to those involved with alternative worship.

There is a useful online presentation creator I stumbled across called 280 slides.  Now the first thought I had when I heard those words “online presentation creator” was “this is going to be functionally pants and look terrible in comparison to professional software”.  Well I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.  It is quite functional and allows you to share the results over the web.  The results are also quite professional looking.  These features combined could make it quite a useful resource for worshipping communities that are either spread over a larger area and worshipping in different buildings or communities that share resources with each other.  It may also be useful if you make presentations in a variety of locations as all you will need is access to the web.  This in itself could be useful if asked to do something off the cuff!