Month: March 2009

A Parody


Worship Idea – Rock Eucharist

Well it turns out that I am not the first person to play heavy metal at an Anglican Eucharist.  The Reign are a worship band from Hull and they have been going for some years now.  They have started to run “Rock Eucharist” services as a fresh expression in and around the York Diocese.  I have been to one of their Rock Eucharists at Greenbelt and it was good fun!  If you are interested in more information about running a Rock Eucharist, they are holding a showcase event at St Aidan’s Church on May 7th.

Worship Idea – Online Community

OK, technically this isn’t a worship idea but rather a resource that I can see huge potential in.  WordPress have just announced a new theme which turns a blog into a much more interactive forum.  It is effectively an enclosed twitter.

I see all sorts of potential uses for communities to express themselves.