OK, so this isn’t a particularly new idea having been around for a while.  Certainly Greenbelt have been having Goth Eucharist’s for some time now.  However, I bought the Mixed Economy journal of Fresh Expressions and it has an article on the Goth Eucharist at Coventry Cathedral and it has a quotation that I feel highlights some of the fears the inherited church have about fresh expressions.

Church services are all about a misunderstood man who got nailed to a cross.  They are held in a looming, bell-towered, candle-lit edifice in the middle of a graveyard.  Indeed if you go catholic, you get to burn incense and drink blood as well.  By contrast, playing a bit of Rasmus looks a bit, well, townie.

 So what about it.   Rethink a very traditional form of church into a modern context.  Why not have a Goth Eucharist?