For those of you who regularly read you will have noticed that I spend a lot of time in my role with the inherited church encouraging my more catholic colleagues to engage with fresh expressions. Well I have been saying for many years that it is possible to be as “high church” as it comes and engage with alt. worship. Yesterday I was privileged to be involved in an alt. worship high mass! Not coming from that particular tradition I have never found people willing to engage with such an endeavour. It was a truly wonderful experience. Traditional vestments, processions, censing of altar – twice, gospeller censing the gospel having processed it out, full on deaconing of the altar and full on Anglican liturgy. All this with the backdrop of U2 and contemporary images. The sermon was a pre-recorded video using the U2 song Jerusalem and contemporary images of Jerusalem with tanks and bombs. It was a really effective way of coming together for the Eucharist and looking at the world that Jesus came to save.

Unfortunately I was brought in to keep the technical aspects working so I didn’t manage to get any pictures.

Now I need to see it done east facing. Or benediction….