I just read a very interesting article about social networking by Kore who I discovered through twitter.  The main crux of the article is that we have moved in society from consumers and workers being given designs and making product handed down from the powers that be.  We are now participants engaging in a conversation that shapes our future as we envisage it.  We now chose to create and share our content with each other.  We make our own clothing and share our ideas with others.  You only need to look at Threadless or ebay to see this becoming increasingly the case. 

The factory encouraged us to see everything through the prism of the orderly production line delivering products to waiting consumers.  The web will encourage us to see everyone as a potential participant in the creation of collaborative solutions and ideas.  This way of thinking will not touch all organisations but some will be transformed, and many will find some aspects of what they do changed, possibly quite fundamentally, by this new organisational recipe.

People want to be treated like participants and contributors not merely consumers, spectators, a passive audience or band of followers, so how do we really deepen participation?  What does it mean to be a participant?  How can you really get people to collaborate and share? How could the church help to nurture this culture of sharing and collaboration? Why does it matter to people and why should it matter to the church?