Month: October 2010

The Future of Christianity and The Church – Ecumenism


A fascinating discussion between an ecumenical group comprising N.T. Wright, Father Richard Rohr and Brennan Manning.

Is this what we mean by the emerging church?  Something that is grounded in tradition and a lineage… and yet still operates around that… what Brian McLaren calls a ‘generous orthodoxy’.  I certainly think that’s the future.

What amazing words from Fr Richard Rohr.  From my UK perspective, I wonder if this is what Rowan Williams was trying to express when he coined the phrase “the mixed economy church”?

NT Wright made a passing remark later on that I think is worthy of a revisit.

It’s frustrating that we can’t share the Eucharist together…officially.

A point that is double edged.

Pimp My Church

David Male has put an interesting overview of his book Church Unplugged on Share.  He makes an interesting contrast between Fresh Expressions of church and Pimp My Ride from MTV.  Please have a read of the article.

My worry sometimes with all that is happening under the banner of fresh expressions of church/church planting is the danger that it can be simultaneously spectacular and superficial. I am by nature an optimist, but I worry we are too easily entranced by what seems to be spectacular. Often people tell me about some amazing church plant that now has 300 people within a year, but then when you start to ask some hard questions of how many of those are truly unchurched people who are now becoming disciples of Jesus the answers look far less convincing. The growth, I am afraid, is often the success of the marketplace, attracting Christians from other churches and the de-churched back.

Do Fresh Expressions run the risk of moving the passengers on the ship from cabin to cabin rather than inviting more people to get on board and come for the ride?

Changing Education Paradigms and The Church


The little teacher inside my head started to nod and hasn’t stopped.  So how does this apply to or affect the church?  What can we learn from this?  What do we do as a church when it comes to facilitating collaboration?  Using the metaphorical people churning production line from this animation, what “product” do we churn out*?  What are the inherent flaws with our production line?  Are we as community a place that empowers people of all backgrounds to flourish and become an agent that transforms the world in which we live or are we the anesthetic that disengages our brains from the both the creation and the creator?

*My initial typo was “What ‘product’ do we church out?”  Perhaps I should have left it.