[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18879800]

Pete Rollins just told the twitterverse that “God (or Satan, or my inner child), told me that u have2subscribe2my Vimeo or many puppies will die”.

I first saw Pete Rollins live at Greenbelt a few years ago.  I disagreed with much of what he said about the institutional church in the first five minutes that day.  Not one to make a snap judgement I continued to listen and loved a lot of what he went on to say.  Then I bought some of his books and followed him on twitter.

In this video I love his poetic view of “bleeding Christ” when we are torn down. 

Being a follower of the way is anything other than bland.  Jesus message was revolutionary.  Can we live this revolutionary life or is it easier to carry on as before, to follow the routine?  When we start the journey does our life “bleed Christ” to the point where others join us upon the road?