Lesley has put together the Twurch of England rankings for the month.  Who has been a good tweeter?  Who has been a bad tweeter?  How does the “quality of your interaction” with others rate? 

I find twitter is a fantastic medium for sharing information, resources and ideas.  It is a place for me to interact with the world outside my office even when I am tied to my desk.  It is a place where I have started to make good friendships with people I have never met through our shared common experiences.  I am currently grabbing a couple of seconds to type this whilst listening to a speech by Rowan Williams about fresh expressions in between printing academic articles I need to read for a meeting tomorrow and a PCC meeting this evening.  I better make The Good Doctor her tea as well!!  Social media constantly bombards me with information I can engage with if and when I choose.

I am fascinated by the way the church interacts with this fast changing world in which we find ourselves.  For some it is considered essential interaction with the digital age.  For others it is considered “not the done thing”.  For some, they consider it “essential” interaction whilst simultaneously feeling guilty that it is “time wasting”.  “Essential-interactive-time-wasting”?  How does that work?

Whilst all this virtuality continues to go on, I visited someone in hospital and conversed in the real world.  I dropped another couple of virtual self esteem points in the process. 

Sometimes switching off the targeting computer and blowing up The Death Star is a necessary part of a priestly calling.  Remember that the force will be with you always.