This video is an interesting take on the circles that google+’s social networking site has introduced us to.  It was shared in the comments on my guest blog at BigBible.  For those of you who have not looked at google+ yet, it allows you to place people into different circles or categories.  This means that in theory you don’t have to share everything with everybody publicly and you don’t necessarily need to have different accounts for different purposes.

The video likens this to excluding people at school.  The reality of life is that we don’t operate in one giant social circle.  We don’t share every aspect of our lives with everybody.  As you would expect, there are things that I say to my wife that I don’t say to my bishop.  There are conversations I have with the members of my band that I don’t need to have with my parents watching.  They don’t care about the tonal differences between a single coil pickup vs a humbucker.  In all likelihood, neither do you – hence my point.