One of the most interesting things I have watch recently is Secrets of the Superbrands – Technology.  I blogged about it briefly when it came out as the view of Apple as a religious phenomenon was fascinating.  However, the programme raised a different question with me related to the other guys.  The uncool guys.  The geeky guys.  Microsoft.


Microsoft is investing large quantities of its time and its money not on the here and now but on the future.  Microsoft have realised that they are going to disappear if they do not address the disconnect between their brand image and their products.  They are contemplating the “cool stuff” of the future.

Let’s put aside the many prejudices that those who inhabit the internet seem to exhibit whenever Microsoft are mentioned.  Let’s not have the boring “Apple vs Windows” as it isn’t relevant [sorry Linux guys, I don’t have the cognitive capacity to work out how to integrate you into this rumble in cyberspace].  I’m not asking about the issues around marketing that are brought up.  I’m not concerned about the “hipness” of a brand.  I want to know this:

What are the church doing to facilitate their “Envisioning Lab”?  Who is investing in the creative possibilities?  Who is being given the space to push the envelope?  Who is being allowed to think those thoughts?  How is the church investing in “the church of the future”?