Month: October 2017

Alternative Hymnal – Holy Water, Inglorious

I’ve realised we’ve added a few regular songs to our hymnody at Rock Mass with Metanoia. I really should put together a playlist so that everyone can listen in between services.

This is Holy Water from Inglorious’ debut album.  We discovered Inglorious last year supporting the Winery Dogs before they had released their first album.  They were jaw droppingly amazing!  We preordered the album as we were leaving!  Proper rock with amazing vocals.  We’ve ended up playing Holy Water in Silverthorn too!

We’ve only tweeked the words slightly for services.

Help me, I’m in trouble I’ve fallen to my knees, yeah

I pray you’ll give me something, my soul it is in need.


Oh, I don’t stand proud, as my Lord He washes me

I drown, Your water’s holy, my soul it is diseased.


Holy water, take my soul take me

No, love ain’t where it’s at, but it’s all, all I need


Been tried and tested, the world it comes for me

It put me in the gutter, I long to be free


Holy water, take my soul take me

No, love ain’t where it’s at, but it’s all, all I need

The Book of Common Prayer

Last week I discovered the work of Michael Leunig, cartoonist, poet and writer.  I quickly fell down the rabbit hole and became hooked.  FuelledByTea pointed me towards Leunig’s prayers.  The rabbit hole deepened.  At Harvest Festival at Holy Nativity on Sunday we used this one during the service:

Dear God,

We rejoice and give thanks for earthworms,
bees, ladybirds and broody hens;
for humans tending their gardens, talking to animals,
cleaning their homes and singing to themselves;
for rising of the sap, the fragrance of growth,
the invention of the wheelbarrow and the existence of the teapot,
we give thanks. We celebrate and give thanks.


After I had discovered the prayers, Jon Birch fell into the rabbit hole with me on Facebook and the whole thing escalated.  Dave Walker joined in and mentioned Leunig’s books.  Well here we are.  The post is arriving and I have replaced the Book of Common Prayer with Leunig’s A Common Prayer.  Spiritually uplifting.  A tonic for the soul.

Wish, Life, Love: The Search for Meaning

I was wandering around the supermarket when I spotted this set of tea light holders.  This was after I had visited The Works Publisher’s Outlet and looked at a shelf of crystal infused self help books that were anything but.  We search for deeper meaning.  Even divorced from it’s context I think I prefer “Faith, Hope and Love”.