Month: April 2020

When I Survey | Metanoia #GoodFriday

This is something Ruth and I recorded a couple of years ago to use in online worship. We used it as part of our Stations of the Cross service on YouTube this afternoon. The Jesus Film footage is very kindly being allowed for use in online worship. I made contact with them and filled in the necessary forms. This crisis is really showing the best in people. The number of resources people are giving away free is amazing.

Are we all in this together?

On my mammoth to do list is a half written blog post about how this current crisis is disproportionately affecting the poor. Fortunately, this thirty second clip sums it up far more succinctly than I was managing.

Google Calendar Website Life Hack for Covid19

This isn’t my usual kind of post. For many of us, we’re the webmaster of our church website. I use WordPress for all of my sites and link to a google calendar which posts all of our events to the front page in a widget.

When I realised our website was still displaying all of our regular events from lunchclub to Rock Mass I started to delete them from the calendar. Unfortunately it just kicks the problem down into the future. And what do you do if you delete all of the events and then we start them all back up again.

Go to google calendars and create a new calendar. Call it something cheerful like Covid19 calendar. Put any events you are hosting online in there. Put a description including a link to where it can be found.

Copy and paste the link to the new calendar into the widget on your site. Instead of showing the regular calendar, it will now just show your new events.

When all of this is over you can swap it back around and all of your regular programming will still be visible and you won’t have to recreate it all.

The last, and possibly most important step is to go to your diary app on your phone and uncheck the calendar of regular events. Now you can’t see all of the events you would normally have been holding in church. All of those constant reminders are safely out of your workspace but not deleted when you need them in the future.

Welcome to a bit more space in your mental health.

Hope this helps.