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Children’s Bible Stories


The Works Publisher’s Outlet currently has some really good resources that are ridiculously cheap!  Over the course of the last week or so I’ve been tentatively ordering copies to give them a read.  My experience is that when books like this appear in outlets they often stray far and wide from the source material.  So we’ve given them a read and they are good.  Obviously they are retelling the scriptures for young children but the content is good.

So how cheap are they?

My First Bible Stories is £3 and as this photo illustrates, it is a substantial book with a padded cover and a lovely bow to keep it shut.  It also comes with a partner called My First Prayers.  If you buy them as a pair it works out at £5!

The Easter Story and Noah’s Ark are part of a series including Jonah and the Whale, In the Beginning and Joseph and His Coat of Many Colours.  As you can see from this photo, it is a large book with good illustrations.

So what you really need to know is that they are £2 each.  But if you buy 10 or more they become £1 each.  And if you spend over £21, delivery is free.  I’ve bought large sets of them to use with our toddler group at Holy Nativity.

I suspect that with the large number of people I have told this that they may sell out quickly!

Especially Prayer Dice

As we have journeyed together through lent as a community at Holy Nativity, people have been asking how we can grow as disciples.  One thing I keep being asked about is prayer.  There is a universal truth about all people who believe;  every single one of us thinks we’re rubbish at praying.  By listening to what people are asking I have been developing different ways of helping people to pray.  So during the parade service yesterday morning, we made giant prayer dice.  And this is how we did it.

Last week I went to eBay and bought 50mm wooden craft blocks.  You can buy as many or as few as you need and as we’re a small community I bought enough for everyone in the congregation.

The scouts handed them out to everyone.  As we passed them around we talked as a congregation about what prayer is.  I led the conversations and asked what we would like to pray about.  As the conversation progressed we wrote them onto the dice.
We came up with:

Friends, Family, Ourselves, Thanksgiving, Saying Sorry, The World

Then I asked about how to begin a prayer.  As a congregation we discussed names for God.
And then we talked about the word “especially”.  We talked about how if we rolled our dice and prayed “Father I pray for the world.  Especially I pray for…” it opens up into a whole conversation.  And then we discussed the importance of listening to the other side of the conversation during prayer.  What is God saying to us about those places in the world we’re praying for?  What is God saying to us about the homeless people in Halifax?  What is God saying back to us in the conversation we started with a little block of wood about our family and friends?

And that’s how we do sermons together at Holy Nativity.

Lamb of God Children’s Activities

I’ve just been in ASDA and they’re sellinglamb of God who takes away the sins of the world finger puppets for a pound. They also have sheep bags and baskets for £1.50.     

Go and sort out all of your Easter toddler worship needs!    

Harvest with the Bigatron

This isn’t my idea, credit belongs with Fr David Teasdel in Altofts. We were talking about how we were both doing an all age harvest that week in school with 400 children from age 4-11. He said “Easy! BIGATRON” as though that is a satisfactory answer to any harvest question. 

This is tried and tested. A lot. 

The BIGATRON is one of those big opaque boxes from your office with a sign that says BIGATRON. Head to the supermarket and buy veg that comes in different sizes. Cherry tomatoes and beef tomatoes.  Sprouts and cabbages.  Put the big ones inside the BIGATRON and the little ones on the table next to it.  

Forgive me for paraphrasing in short hand but I tend to talk without script – this generally goes on for a lot longer with all sorts of dramatic gestures (benefit of being an RE teacher for five hours a day in my previous life):

Last night I fell and hit my head and came up with this amazing idea for an invention.  It’s called the BIGATRON!  It is an amazing thing!  It will solve all world hunger!  This is the BIGATRON!  It works with one magic word…

I generally at this point ask about magic words. Some of the sweetest. Conversations have happened with 400 kids present about how “please” is a magic word that makes things happen and that “sorry” is a magic word because it makes hurt go away. 

We place the small veg in the box. We chant the magic words….

Bigga bigga bigga bigga BIGATRON!!

And then I pull out the big one. 

I usually have about ten different veg.  Tiny parsnips and giant parsnips. 

It’s a carrot but it’s white!  What’s that all about?

I’m constantly amazed by the number of children who have never seen a parsnip. I digress…

And then invite one of the children to pick an item from the harvest offering to put I the BIGATRON. 

The first time I did this she picked the giant purple quality street.

Magic words. 

Must try harder. 

Rabble rousing from the vicar. 

Ask the child to pull out the big one. 

Sprung. The BIGATRON is not real. 

This is the point where we have the opportunity to explore how there is no magic solution. We are reliant upon the God of creation who made a world that supports life.  Rain falls upon the crops and they grow.  And we are responsible for ensuring that food is fairly distributed to those who need it.  Jesus taught us…

This is a springboard into so many scriptures, so many charities, so many moral dilemmas around good and harvest.  You know what to do. Go and do it in 2016. Sorry I’ve not had chance to blog it earlier.