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Creativity, Enjoying the Journey and Neil Gaiman

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42372767]

This is a video that everyone on earth should watch at least once.  Most people should watch it often.

When I graduated the first time I couldn’t even tell you who spoke to us, let alone what they spoke about.  It certainly didn’t inspire me to go and live life and enjoy the journey.  Needless to say, the second time around I graduated in absentia…

Spider-man and his Amazing Friends

I know you don’t care but I got Spider-man and his Amazing Friends on DVD today……. before anyone else………

It is great!  Anyone who tells you different should be hit with the stick with the nail in the end!!


The Dark Knight

I went to see The Dark Knight on Monday and it was really good.  Heath Ledger’s performance was amazing – this is what a truly psychotic mad man is supposed to be like!!  I highly recommend going to see it for that alone.  I also loved the messianic under/overtones.

My only criticism is that since the batman films had to abandon the comic book world perpetuated cinematically by Tim Burton and enter the real world, the costume doesn’t quite fit.  That said, Batman without the costume is just ‘Man’.

Some people can take it a little too far though.

PS I still wont place a DC Comics catergory on my blog 😆