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Changing Worship is One Egg Heavier

Holy Nativity is in the middle of running a mindfulness course.  Two clinical psychologists are offering their time and expertise as part of their faith giving.  I am doing the course for my own wellbeing.  Some of you at this point will have no idea what I’m going on about.

Mindfulness means: “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.”

(Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Part of mindfulness is to regularly pay intense attention to what you are doing.  This could be anything but I have found eating something to be something I find beneficial.  Every morning I eat eggs from the churchwarden’s chickens.  And each morning I cook them in a rush, and wolf them down as I am half way out of the door.  Sometimes, my eating is so bad that I forget to chew something and have to drink something to stop myself from choking.  I rush.  I rush everywhere and rush everything I don’t think is important (like eating breakfast) so that I can live 1.643 lives simultaneously.  “How do you manage to do so many things Robb?”  Well if I’m honest, it is by missing out a lot of other things.  Like chewing.

So I am an egg heavier.  I selected my small pan and put it on the heat.  I selected an egg.  I chose a large brown one with several pieces of straw still stuck to it.  I cracked it on the side of the pan and watched as it slide into a slight dip in the metal base.  I watched as it slowly changed from clear to white.  I opened the packed, avoided the crust and selected two sliced of bread.  Then I decided which sauce to use (Bourbon BBQ for breakfast because I’m that edgy).  As I sat down and looked at my breakfast I smelled fried egg for the first time in years.  Considering I eat this same breakfast most days, that is a revelation.  How have I not noticed what fried egg smells like for so long?  I savoured every bite.  Then the inevitable happened, it dribbled down my chin.  And I realise as I held the small side plate that I leave a lot more mess with a fried egg butty than I do at communion.  And then I realised I was praying.  And had been praying for the last ten minutes.  I had been praying about something as mundane as an egg.  I wasn’t relating to myself so much as relating to the divine, the other, that which is not part of me, the holy:  God.

And I kept on praying.  About family, friends, the community I’m part of at Holy Nativity and the hundreds of concerns I have for people.

An egg led me to prayer because I paid attention to it.

Yes, that sounds weird to me as well.

So what keeps me from paying attention to what I’m eating?  What gets in the way of praying?  The times my mind wandered off of the mindfulness exercise, I was thinking about one thing and one thing only:  Facebook.  “I’ll have to change my status to “Robb is one egg heavier, chuckle”.  How has Social Media become such an important part of our lives that it can stop us from living them?

I am an early adopter.  I love Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and even Myspace (Currently residing in our where are they now files).  Social media is a great thing.  Social media keeps us connected with each other in ways that we could only dream of ten years ago.  It connect us with friends and family who are far off.  We must be careful not to allow it to stop us from connecting with those who are near.  We must be careful not to allow it to stop us connecting with the divine.

Robb is one egg heavier.

The Ever Changing Facebook

One of the main ways we communicate at Holy Nativity Church is through Facebook.  However, Facebook change the way things work every five minutes.  One of the most irritating changes has been the way they use images in Facebook events.  Graphic design can communicate so much more than the written word – this is why the contributions I make to Anglican Meme’s get hundred’s of hits more than articles on my blog.  The changes to Facebook event images mean that different parts of the image are displayed on different parts of the site.  There is now no image you can create where you can know for certain that all of the image will be shown in the different boxes around the site.

I discovered this template that shows which parts of the image will appear in each image box around Facebook.  You get emailed a link to the template and it has handy guidelines.  I’ve had one go at making a Pentecost image that fits.  It seems to display exactly as the creator says.


Online 9 Lessons and Carols 2012

Online-Carols 2012 Small copy

Some of you may remember that last year there was an Online Nine Lessons and Carols Service.  This year is no different and Metanoia are involved in it once again.  Check out all of the details over at Nine Lessons and Carols 2012!  Check out the hashtag #onlinecarols2012 too!

I also updated Metanoia’s facebook url so it matches every other online presence we have. Facebook’s original policy of never allowing you to change your name has been relaxed to “OK, we’ll let you change it but only once”.  If you have any links, they may need updating.




Over on Facebook I shared an article about Fox News’ “fight” for a “traditional Christmas”. Pat challenged me to make a meme. Challenge accepted!

It would seem that in the USA they’re having fun and games over who is allowed to party. Some angry theists are being taken to court by angry antitheists about who is allowed to have a party. Lots of cava is being spilled and people are crying over it.

Those of you who know me well will know I’m well up for Christmas and will be partying like its going out of fashion! But when you are a priest and have to hold the liturgical life of the local church it becomes part of you. As the article explains, Christian celebrations in december begin with Advent. So I will be partying but we’ll be doing it at Christmas. For now it’s Advent.

And this is the UK. No one is banning Christmas. That’s just a sneaky attempt every year by racists to recruit people to their cause.

Happy advent!