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Children’s Bible Stories


The Works Publisher’s Outlet currently has some really good resources that are ridiculously cheap!  Over the course of the last week or so I’ve been tentatively ordering copies to give them a read.  My experience is that when books like this appear in outlets they often stray far and wide from the source material.  So we’ve given them a read and they are good.  Obviously they are retelling the scriptures for young children but the content is good.

So how cheap are they?

My First Bible Stories is £3 and as this photo illustrates, it is a substantial book with a padded cover and a lovely bow to keep it shut.  It also comes with a partner called My First Prayers.  If you buy them as a pair it works out at £5!

The Easter Story and Noah’s Ark are part of a series including Jonah and the Whale, In the Beginning and Joseph and His Coat of Many Colours.  As you can see from this photo, it is a large book with good illustrations.

So what you really need to know is that they are £2 each.  But if you buy 10 or more they become £1 each.  And if you spend over £21, delivery is free.  I’ve bought large sets of them to use with our toddler group at Holy Nativity.

I suspect that with the large number of people I have told this that they may sell out quickly!

Hail Holy King – A Reworked Hymn for Christ The King

About six months ago we were talking about Hail Holy Queen. Let’s face it, we’d been watching Sister Act.  We wanted to sing it with Metanoia but needed to make it work liturgically. We’ve reworked it to be about Jesus for Christ The King.  We did it last night at Rock Mass and it worked really well.

We also punked it.  But you don’t have to.  Apologies for the formatting on my blog.  The theme doesn’t have a way of formatting that is good for lyrics.

Hail Holy King – Metanoia

1. Hail, holy King enthroned above, Hallelujah!
Hail! King of mercy and of love! Hallelujah!

Triumph, all ye Cherubim,
Sing with us ye Seraphim,
Heaven and earth resound the hymn:
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

2. Our life, our sweetness here below, Hallelujah!
Our hope in sorrow and in woe, Hallelujah!

3. To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, Hallelujah!
To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, Hallelujah!

4. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, Hallelujah!
Towards us thine eyes compassionate, Hallelujah!

5. The cause of joy to us below, Hallelujah!
The spring through which all graces flow, Hallelujah!

Angels, all your praises bring,
Earth and heaven, with us sing,
All creation echoing,
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!

The Mail on Sunday, Foodbanks and Self Esteem

Thank the Lord it is self esteem Friday, perhaps now I can finally pay these bills.  Hi, is that British Gas?  I’m skint but I feel fantastic.  I’m wondering, are you prepared to accept self esteem?

I’ve been a bit busy of late. When we finished the final shout of “he is risen indeed” I discovered that the Mail on Sunday chose the day of resurrection to… not to put too fine a point on it… Lie despicably to steal food from the poor. Here’s the strap line:


The reporter then details how lots of questions were asked but he… how do I put this…  lied through his teeth.

As a trustee of a food bank I was interested in the developments. There have been some good things to come out of this. There has been a huge surge in donations to Foodbanks. Thank you humanity for restoring my faith in you. More importantly, there has been a backlash against the Mail on Sunday as they have exposed themselves for what they really are.

Thanks to @jamiedm


Here is an open letter to the MOS from a parent of a two year old.

I’ve got a little boy. His name is Isaac, and he’s nearly three. Like any little boy, he loves cars, balls, and running around. He’s barely ever still.

A few days ago though, he was. I took him to the supermarket to spend his pocket money, and we passed the donation basket for our local food bank. It was about half full – nothing spectacular, in fact, mostly prunes and pasta – and he asked what it was. As simply as possible, I tried to explain that it was for people to give food for other people who couldn’t afford it.

This affected his two year old brain fairly deeply. After a lot of thought, he decided to spend a little bit of his pocket money on some treats to donate, because “children haffa have treats when they mummy and daddy is sad!” Nothing exciting. A chocolate swiss roll (about 29p), some angel delight (about 40p). Just a treat for a child, from a child who cares.

Daily Mail, I’ve got to ask. Why does my two year old get it better than you do?

Please go and read the whole letter. Kevin Bridges gets it: “Imagine working in a shop where everything is worth a pound except you” . A two year old gets it. The Mail on Sunday don’t get it.

Next week you will probably find an expose about me gracing their pages because I’ve written this blog. It’s probably all true. Or not.

Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

When Harold Ramis died it was a sad day for me.  He was one of the actors in some of the first films I ever watched.  As I sit typing away at my work on inculturation and Anglican liturgy I have Ghostbusters on the TV to keep me company.  I had forgotten all about this dialogue between Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore.  It takes me all the way back to my undergraduate days studying “The Bible in Media”.

Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you believe in God?
Dr Ray Stantz: Never met him.
Winston Zeddemore: Yeah, well, I do. And I love Jesus’s style, you know.
Dr Ray Stantz: The entire roof cap is made out of a magnesium-tungsten alloy…
Winston Zeddemore: What are you so involved with over there?
Dr Ray Stantz: These are the blueprints for structural ironwork of Dana Barret’s apartment building, and they are very, very strange.
Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you remember something in the bible about the last days when the dead would rise from the grave?
Dr Ray Stantz: I remember Revelations 7:12…?And I looked, and he opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood.”
Winston Zeddemore: “And the seas boiled and the skies fell.”
Dr Ray Stantz: Judgement day.
Winston Zeddemore: Judgement day.
Dr Ray Stantz: Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.
Winston Zeddemore: Myth? Ray, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason we’ve been so busy lately is ’cause the dead HAVE been rising from the grave?
Dr Ray Stantz: [Pause ] How ’bout a little music?
Winston Zeddemore: Yeah.