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Guest Post

This month my guest post over at bigbible.org.uk has the word “Cathedral” in the title. This took me by surprise as much as everyone else.

If you want to know why I would be mentioning a Cathedral in a post, why not check it out.

Rock Mass

If you are anywhere near the North of England it would be great if you would come to The Rock Mass in St Michael’s Wakefield.  It is an evening eucharist and will have a full rock band playing with lighting, smoke and the full works. This will be a culturally authentic experience as we come together to worship in a way that feels natural as we come before God as we are. There will be a combination of music from the charts/kerrang/scuzz and other music that could be!

Please come along and bring your friends. Spread the word!  There is a facebook event here.  If you need anymore info, please ask.

Halloweve … Night of the Living Dead!


Liverpool Cathedral, Oct 31st 2000hrs.

I hope to be there if our service finishes in time!  I have previously talked about doing something for all souls in this vein (pun intended).  Hopefully there will be some good inspiration.  See you there!

St Arnold’s go Weekly

Saint Arnold’s is a group who meet in North Leeds.  They have now become a weekly meeting, each Monday evening at the Lord Darcy at 8pm.

618 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS17 8EH