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Send the Fire | Metanoia


Lockdown has given us the impetus to do some serious recording. With a heavy live gigging schedule with both Silverthorn and Metanoia, Ruth and I talk about “finding the time to record” but in reality, you need an extended period of time to do it.

This week we took our favourite hymn* and did a full on Metanoia production of it.

With a distinct lack of drummers in our house, we created them from scratch ourselves one afternoon in software. Then guitars, bass and vocals and the addition of a crowd shouting faintly in the background.

I think we successfully channeled the spirit of Britain in 1977.

We’ve been talking on messenger about our next lockdown project. We think we can work out how to get CJ on drums and Bex singing backing vocals all through the power of the internet. Watch this space!

*favourite hymn is a movable feast.

The Ever Changing Facebook

One of the main ways we communicate at Holy Nativity Church is through Facebook.  However, Facebook change the way things work every five minutes.  One of the most irritating changes has been the way they use images in Facebook events.  Graphic design can communicate so much more than the written word – this is why the contributions I make to Anglican Meme’s get hundred’s of hits more than articles on my blog.  The changes to Facebook event images mean that different parts of the image are displayed on different parts of the site.  There is now no image you can create where you can know for certain that all of the image will be shown in the different boxes around the site.

I discovered this template that shows which parts of the image will appear in each image box around Facebook.  You get emailed a link to the template and it has handy guidelines.  I’ve had one go at making a Pentecost image that fits.  It seems to display exactly as the creator says.