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Keep Me In Thy Love Divine: A Sung Response to The Pandemic

Ruth and I have been writing a song a month as part of Resound Worship‘s 12 Song Challenge. In June we were challenged to write something to mark the journey through the pandemic. We penned some words to a familiar tune – Aberystwyth. You may know it as Jesus Lover of My Soul.

Prayer Activity

We have sung it at Holy Nativity a few times and it has been well received. Last night we used it at #EETG2021 as part of the prayers with a gathered congregation. We were asked to share the words. We intended to record and release it like we did with Let All Mortal Flesh, but time is escaping us. So here it is:

Through these days of dark and fear, through the hours of loneliness,
Days of strife and nights of tears; hold I to thy promises.
Thou, the Lord who stilled the waves, calm these anxious thoughts of mine,
Make my weak heart strong and brave: keep me in thy love divine.

Through this land of broken dreams, through the barren wilderness,
Empty fields and dried-up streams; cling I to thy faithfulness.
Thou, the Lord who raised the dead, heal this broken heart of mine,
In thy footsteps would I tread: keep me in thy love divine.

Through the saving grace of Christ, through His sacred mystery,
Lamb of God, my sacrifice; make me ever one with Thee.
Thou, the Lord who conquered death, Presence true in bread and wine,
Sing it with my every breath! Keep me in thy love divine.

Poverty: Time to Challenge the Narrative!

If you have hung around for long enough, you will know that I have strong opinions about poverty and how it is created within our society. As the world re-emerges from the last 18 months of Covidtide, we are seeing a sharp snap back to a narrative of the undeserving poor.  With universal credit being slashed in the coming week affecting 6 million people, we are once again seeing an ideological drive to level up the wealthy at the expense of the poor. 

At the heart of it all is the narrative we tell ourselves about who we are as a community.  This clip is well worth two and a half minutes of your time.

Our national narrative is once again being steered by those at the top towards one of the “undeserving poor”.  This is a narrative we must stand against at all costs as a church.  It doesn’t fit.  It’s not Christian.  We must shout loudly and proudly about the inherent worth of every single human being, created in the image of God and beloved.  If we don’t rise to this challenge, we have failed to live up to our call as Jesus apprentices.

“Blessed are the poor.”



We Thank Thee Lord, a Harvest Hymn to a Famous Tune

Ruth and I have been writing lots of new songs this summer. Yesterday she said “this tune reminds me of something”. When I pointed out what it reminded me of, we fell down a rabbit hole setting Last of the Summer Wine as a hymn tune. The best we came up with was a harvest hymn we found on the internet but we can’t find an author for it.

As we are staying with friends, this recording is just a borrowed acoustic guitar and an iphone in the garden. Maybe one day I will do a full metal version for you with Metanoia. Or maybe not.