Category: Worship Backgrounds

Blessed are the Poor

Tonight at Rock Mass we used this Kinetic Typography of Luke 6:20-21.  The service was all about poverty.  If you like it use it.  With the black background you can drop it on top of a different coloured background.  I think that’s what I will do in future.


True Size of Africa

Here’s an image you can use one day when looking at the world-wide church!  It is going viral on Twitter because Stephen Fry tweeted it.

Eucharistic Wallpaper

This is going to sound a bit weird but I was just searching for a medieval depiction of the Eucharist.  I didn’t find it but I did find something cool.  This picture of the host being elevated is from Life Teen, a youth resource for Roman Catholics.  I like it – and will probably try to use it this week.