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Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

This is the most wonderfully goth retelling of the resurrection from Saddleback Kids!  Enjoy!

Dust to Dust | New Release

Dust to Dust is now available on major streaming sites or for download from iTunes.

I will do a vlog about it all next week but for now, here it is. Professionally mastered. Go and subscribe!

Dust to Dust | Ash Wednesday Music

Ruth and I have recorded this wonderful Ash Wednesday Hymn. The words are courtesy of the amazing Ally Barrett, set to the tune Picardy.

We were hoping to get this done in plenty of time for people to use in online worship but everything takes so much longer in Lockdown. Please feel free to use it as part of any services you do this year. If you give us a name check that would be great but don’t feel like you have to. The visuals are from Dan Stevers who we subscribe to so please go and pay him for the rites if you use the visuals.

I am having a massive rejig of our online presence. Too many different pages for too many different projects. Ruth and I have decided to try and stash everything we do together in one place under my name. I will probably come up with a vlog about why in the next few weeks. For now, subscribe to the YouTube account with my name on in – and the custom url I set up years ago. Everything video related is going to migrate across there.

We’re also hoping to start releasing some material via streaming services like Spotify in the coming weeks and months. I’ll try to keep you up to date.

O Gracious Dwelling | Epiphany Music to Use Online

We’re quickly (I am on annual leave) putting together an online service for Epiphany. Over in Sanctum Connect, Fr Eddie shared an Epiphany hymn set to plain chant by Adam Michael Wood. We decided to set it to O Come O Come Emmanuel.

Robb and Ruth Sutherland playing O Gracious Dwelling.

It is under a creative commons license. Feel free to download our version from YouTube and use it in your online sevices. The background is from Dan Stevers (using our subscription) so if you could pay him for it’s use, that would be cool.

If you would prefer just the audio, it is over on our Soundcloud account.

Here is the plainchant version if you just fancy having a go at it. I used to love singing plainchant with the monks at Mirfield when I was at theological college.