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I am starting to get the hang of wordpress blogs now… I think.  I think I need to change the banner at the top but that can wait until I’m home.

I have started to add links to good sites that stimulate the mind, have good ideas or give good resources.  I have been generally amused by ASBOJesus over the last week.  Jon does his own art and makes it particularly thought provoking – sometimes reactionary thoughts.  Here’s one that hit home…

Welcome to the new home of my blog

I used to blog on myspace but am not finding it fulfilling.  The new format annoys me and it is time to make something that looks a little more… erm… professional.  I think I may have got tired of the lack of functionality.  I’ve also tired of the way that most filtered servers block you from seeing content – making it very tedious if you ever enter a school/hospital/whatever.

Lets see if I can make this place my home.  Obviously this is still a little under construction.