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Send the Fire | Metanoia


Lockdown has given us the impetus to do some serious recording. With a heavy live gigging schedule with both Silverthorn and Metanoia, Ruth and I talk about “finding the time to record” but in reality, you need an extended period of time to do it.

This week we took our favourite hymn* and did a full on Metanoia production of it.

With a distinct lack of drummers in our house, we created them from scratch ourselves one afternoon in software. Then guitars, bass and vocals and the addition of a crowd shouting faintly in the background.

I think we successfully channeled the spirit of Britain in 1977.

We’ve been talking on messenger about our next lockdown project. We think we can work out how to get CJ on drums and Bex singing backing vocals all through the power of the internet. Watch this space!

*favourite hymn is a movable feast.

The Woman at The Well – Worship Resources

Last night at the Rock Mass we were looking at the interaction between Jesus and the Woman at the Well.  I know someone who works for Yorkshire Water so we had an installation of a stand pipe in the centre of church.  This linked in with the use of the well known “to be known is to be loved” monologue.

For the confession we used Holy Water by Inglorious.  As the God’s forgiveness was pronounced, the priest sprinkled the congregation with the holy water from underneath the standpipe.  After exploring what it means for God to welcome in the outsider, the stranger and the alien, we wrote our prayers on the giant blue paper cross with chalk whilst Metanoia played Where the Street’s Have No Name.

Paper Chain Prayers

At the Christmas Rock Mass we prayed for Jesus to bring light into the dark situations around the world and in our lives.  I bought a couple of paper chain making kits from eBay.  With suitable music playing, people wrote their prayers on the back of their links and added them to the chain.  It was really powerful as our prayers joined together and we all gathered around the altar together.  We all took a glow stick (or many as some of our kids saw fit) and made bracelets to symbolise the light of Christ entering into the world.  Then the president brought all of the prayers together at the end and offered them before God as they were placed around the crib scene.

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Yes, that’s Richie Sambora on the telly.

Before Tomorrow Comes

[youtube http://youtu.be/eCx-rWKdK5U]

This is the second hymn Metanoia played at yesterday’s Blessēd big bash in The Big Top at Greenbelt. It’s going to make a few appearances at The Rock Mass over the next year or so.