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Play Church with Toddlers


This is an idea I have shamelessly stolen from @revleahvs.  Play is such an important part of learning.  One Sunday night I watched a ten year old from Holy Nativity put her arms up in the air and recount the words of invitation I use at the eucharist.  We learn through playing.  So we now have six toddler churches.

Cheap plastic boxes with with a laminated card on the top.

Fairtrade dolls that come in a range of races and gender.

Vestments made from felt I bought in the range.

Egg cup, castor cup and electric tea lights from ebay.

Laminated Lord’s Prayer.

Holding cross and psalm 23 on a card from ebay.

Hankerchief folded as a corporal from ebay.

So lets play church.  Lets learn the faith as we play with it.

Pass The Nativity

All credit to Ellie Wilson our diocesan advisor for the under fives! Awesomeness abounds.

I just happened to be sat in the children and youth department’s office being a disturber of the peace. When talking about what was going on I mentioned our toddler group and Ellie tumbled out a gazillion awesome ideas.

The one I latched on to was pass the nativity. Santa comes and chocolate will be had. Excellent. But Playmobil make a nativity set. By wrapping them up in order we can tell of Jesus’ birth by playing pass the parcel.

So tomorrow morning they will come out when the music stops and I will sit and tell the tale of Jesus birth to some fresh ears who have never heard it before.

The equipment:


At the centre is JC, wrapped in gold at the heart of the package.


There is also Playmobil Saint Nicholas (not Santa). Postie hasn’t delivered him yet so I’ll have to wait until next year to play with him.

This is the order I’ve wrapped them: